Werribee DrillDance Club under 8's - Ascendancy
About Us

What is DrillDance?

DrillDance teams perform exciting and challenging routines in categories such as Dance, Prop and Drill. Teams choose their costumes and music to match the theme of each routine. This competitive sport provides opportunities for physical activity, improved posture, coordination, teamwork and friendship.
Werribee DrillDance Club seniors - Ascendancy
Accredited Coaches
All coaches in Werribee DrillDance Club are Accredited through the Australian Sports Commission.
All adult members in the club also have a current working with children check.
Our members
  1. Rhonda Wilson
    President - Junior Coordinator
  2. Kristy Wilson
    Vice President - Senior Coach
  3. Kathryn Hyman
    Secretary - Junior Coordinator
  4. Aimee Hyman
    Assistant Secretary - Senior team member
  5. Meagan McKenzie
    Junior and Intermediate Coach - Senior team member
  6. Tennille Harbison
    Media Officer - Junior and Intermediate Coach
  7. Margaret McKenzie
    Treasurer - Intermediate Coordinator